20151205_231614The Requirements Of All Customer Service Professionals

Working as a remote based Customer Support Professional, has a number of essential requirements that are often beyond those taken on by an agent working inside a conventional contact center. You should be aware of these requirements and be absolutely sure of your willingness and ability to fulfill them. They are necessary for you to qualify as a work from home Customer Support Professional.


Essential Requirements


  • You Pay For Your Training

All Customer Support Professionals pay for their own training courses. The cost and duration of all courses are always clearly stated on the portal.


  • You Must Graduate From Training

Customer Service Professionals learn their basic skills from certification courses and Client training class. You must pass training and become certified before you are eligible to start taking calls and earn service revenue. Client training classes provide the training specific to specific Contract Postings. Applying to a Client posting, paying for it and taking a class does not guarantee your acceptance and certification by the Client. Arise, the training company is a company independent of 8753326 Canada Inc. the hiring corporation, it does not give refunds if you fail to attend class or become certified.


  • You Provide Your Own Home Office.

You supply your own dedicated, equipped space free from the intrusion of any background noise . Any extraneous noise is strictly forbidden and may result in immediate disconnection from the network.

  • You Provide Your Own High Speed Internet Access.

You must have either Cable or  DSL internet access. A dial-up modem connection is not enough.


  • You Provide Your Own Dedicated Phone Line.

You need a basic phone line that is independent of your home phone line for voice transmission. Plus a hands-free, non-cordless headset, and telephone that is headset compatible with volume control, hold and mute features.

  • You Must Have Computer Experience.

You will need basic computer skills. You should be competent in word processing email use, browser use, downloading and installing of software.

  • You Must Provide Your Own Personal Computer.

You must own your own recent model computer .