­Admissions Process


Please read the instructions below and take note of the EIN 003092880 to be entered once you choose the option to partner with a business  already  affiliated  in the Arise Network.


1. To become a Customer Service  Professional the first step is to   BECOME AN AGENT    

2. After clicking on becoming an agent and get started

Check the boxes and fill in the information to create your profile. Keep your username and password in a safe place, as you will always need it to log into the Arise Portal.

Once you  finish you will now be on the Arise  – Partner admission page. Take note of your user id, which is the same as your CSP ID#


3. Next step is to complete the voice assessment

Very important to use a LANDLINE. YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO RETAKE THIS, SO YOU MUST PASS THE FIRST TIME AROUND. Make sure you are in a quite room, listen carefully and speak clearly. you will receive a response within 5 minutes. If you fail you will not be able to retake this assessment.


4. Then Background check

If you have any felonies please contact us before proceeding. If your background is clear without incident then proceed and take the background check. This will take up to 24 business hours, if it takes longer please contact us and we will assist you.


5. Next complete CSP101 certification course

­Learn about the company infrastructure and systems through the self-paced course, Client Support Professional 101.

Must pass to continue on.


6. Next sign the NDA and proceed to join the Arise Network. Select the 2nd option to partner with a business  already  affiliated  in the Arise Network. Please enter our EIN 003092880. Once you have enter the EIN #  and sign the NDA agreements, we can finalize your request.


7. Proceed to selecting a Client Serving Opportunity

Choose the client program you would like to service and complete a client certification course to learn about the client program, performance metrics, client systems, and more.

­8753326 Canada Inc. will sign a Statement of Work for each client program you choose to service and then you can start taking calls!


8. After you finish the process in the Arise Virtual Solutions Website, please send us an email with your full name and your CSP ID # and we will forward the link for the CSP AGREEMENT to be filled in and submitted.


Click here to become an agent